Jumbo Workbook. Pre-K

Jumbo Workbook. Pre-K
Издательство: Scholastic Inc., 2018 г.
Серия: EarlyLearners
Выпускающий редактор: Заненберг Никон Игнатович
Дизайн: Брежный Давид Данилович
Корректор: Гашин Левон Артёмович
Страниц: 217
Формат: txt, fb2, pdf

Описание "Jumbo Workbook. Pre-K"
Giant Workbook: Pre-K is designed to provide plenty of practice for children to succeed at pre-K and beyond! A strong start helps ensure a child is able to benefit from the learning opportunities available in today's pre-K classroom. This giant workbook includes practice in important pre-K learning areas such as the alphabet, pen control, sorting, counting, and early phonics. The bright colorful pages with a delightful blend of photographs and illustrations make this workbook some of the most eye-catching and engaging available. Includes 24 pages of stickers! Scholastic Early Learners: Interactive books for hands-on learning. Perfect for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders, too! Книга онлайн Jumbo Workbook. Pre-K.

  • Jumbo Workbook. Pre-K

  • Jumbo Workbook. Pre-K
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